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What to expect when you come in

We know that not everyone is accustomed to ordering flowers, either for themselves or a loved one and that can somewhat be quite a scary thought! But we are in the shop to guide you as much as we can to make that experience as pain free as possible and maybe even a little enjoyable! So...when you come into our shop and ask us for a bouquet of flowers...we of course are here to give you just that, in doing so we just need a little more info from you... 1. Do you want them in water or not? 2. Do you wish for certain colours or flowers (if not, it's great, because we love to do our own thing)!...

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When you get your cut flowers home

If in water, replace water every other day whilst cutting the bottoms of your blooms by an inch or so on an angle (this makes the stem drink much faster). The cleaner your water the longer your blooms will last and that nasty bacteria will keep away from your stems. Our eco-vases already come with flower food in the water to give them a head start. All blooms are their own kind of wonderful,so they all have a different life expectancy (seasonal and British grown blooms may not last as long as Dutch grown). When you get your blooms home, please keep them away from direct sunlight, eventhough its tempting to put them in the window this will greatly reduce their...

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Do you deliver?

We deliver to approximately an 8 mile radius around Needham Market, near Ipswich in Suffolk. We hand deliver ourselves as a team, so if there are any special considerations on the delivery please let us know and we'll try our best to get it done.  If you want to deliver nationally or even internationally we can help with that too. We work with Direct2Florist, so through us we can contact like minded florists near to where you want your flowers delivered to get that pressie to Great Aunt Flo in France. Just pop in the shop or give us a call and we'll get that sorted.

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