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When you get your cut flowers home

  • If in water, replace water every other day whilst cutting the bottoms of your blooms by an inch or so on an angle (this makes the stem drink much faster).
  • The cleaner your water the longer your blooms will last and that nasty bacteria will keep away from your stems.
  • Our eco-vases already come with flower food in the water to give them a head start.
  • All blooms are their own kind of wonderful,so they all have a different life expectancy (seasonal and British grown blooms may not last as long as Dutch grown).
  • When you get your blooms home, please keep them away from direct sunlight, eventhough its tempting to put them in the window this will greatly reduce their shelf life. Just as putting them in the draught or near a radiator (we want you to enjoy your blooms for as long as possible).
  • Our handtied and traditional bouquets which don't come in water will have a sachet of flower food attached, please use as directed in your own vases.
  • Our arrangements in biofoam will need topping up with water every few days to keep their blooms hydrated, just pour clean tepid water into the middle of the arrangement to enjoy for longer.