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About Us

Khloris...what on earth does that mean?

With that earthy feel in mind, here goes.

In ancient Greek mythology Khloris was the goddess of flowers, she was the wife of Zephyros and the mother of Karpos, god of fruit.

And so, we wanted a name that told the world of our new commitment to the environment, our landscape and providing our customers with the best quality flowers for all occasions.

Maintaining the high standards our shop in Needham Market, we seek to expand our reputation for professional quality floristry and still be the friendly place you have always known.

Since October 2019 we have already achieved a great deal. We had the biggest spring clean of the shop and business ever!

We have reviewed all our products and suppliers in a bid to offer customers the most sustainable products on the market, whether they are recycled, compostable or biodegradeable.

Our plastic consumption is kept to a minimum, and even though we do use plastic, these are made of recycled previous plastic materials and are no longer single use. We have started sourcing British flowers as well as Dutch imports in a bid to reduce our environmental footprint and increase our green credentials.


This is an exciting time for us, but also challenging one for us all, and with that in mind, we promise to always do our best for you.

 Sophie and the Khloris Team 💚